Sunday, July 30, 2017

Week 53: Turn left

We walked to a high point in a village just off of town, but the lady at the top wouldn't even hear our music : (
Discover Goats
Bleat and Bray
Strong spirit, but weak... nothing  Goats are too good
Stop the Problem
Turn Left
The proof is here

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it was a pretty good week. We got an AC. I'd like to send a shoutout to President Sonksen. 

In other news, there's not a whole lot so I can just tell y'all about the best decision I've made as a missionary. 

See once upon a time it was Saturday morning and time to plan for another day. We had streetboarding in the evening and English class in the afternoon, so all we had left to plan was the morning. As we were thinking, all I could think was, "Go to Hoengseong." And since there was nothing, we had time to go to Hoengseong. 

What we all need to understand about 횡성 is that in 횡성 there is nothing. Well there's a little. There's even a copy of Shannon Hale's Princess Academy in one of the local libraries. But anyway, there is very little in the way of population. So we get there about half an hour after we planned to, due to some delayed buses and people on the street. So we have to hurry and grab lunch at the Isaac Toast

In Isaac Toast we have a nice conversation with some Sri Lankans, but otherwise lunch is uneventful. However, this is the setup to the best decision. Because as lunch ends, I'm left with a choice, do I turn right or left out of this restaurant. 

The right road is oh, so appealing, with its faster route to the library I'll study Korean at, and the chance to walk by the 횡성 bus terminal. However, as the subject line and my Discover poem state, I turned left. 

Upon turning left, we passed a bus stop, with a decent number of people, and there's one college-aged kid who looks like he'd be great to proselytize to, but before I can even pull out a sticker to offer him, he looks up at us and this kid's face just lights up. He walks up to up, and says, "Hey Elders! I was just on the way to your English class!"

It turns out that about seven months earlier a couple of missionaries in California had had the same idea as me (at least concerning proselytizing to this kid) and had baptized him. And now he had moved back to his hometown to become the newest member of our little Wonju Branch. And he's such a nice man. He helped the other elders with a lesson after church yesterday and everything. I love Im YoonSup.

Turning left is turning out pretty good for us so far, but it's about to get even better with what happens after we stop talking to Yoonsup and keep moving along our way to the library. 

We ran into Brother Pan! Like not even a meter away! And he was nice and didn't hate us!

Disclaimer: I don't know if I mentioned this, but about last transfer Brother Pan went mad less active because of many reasons, and now is not really a fan of any church-related things or people.

But now it's slightly better! He was with his daughter and they were just going out for a fun day together. It was sweet, and while we didn't talk much, I can tell he's doing better than he was before. Not that he'll come to church, or even meet with a missionary anytime soon, but I think one day he'll be ready to come back. 

And that's about it. There could be more, but I want to finish this email. So. Yeah. Best wishes!

Elder Newton

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