Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week 55: Birthdays and 횡성

The library. Can you spy a man in a red hat?
Discover Mercury
Revolve and Return
Melted landscape but Frozen scenery
Stop the problem
Cut the scene
The proof is interpretation

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii to you all! It's been a great time in Wonju! (OK, let's be real, I will always say this. Even if it was terrible, when it comes to the email in the end I will always speak this way)

But it really was great! We taught an investigator with a member and everything. And he had kept his commitments. I felt like a real missionary. 

Also I went to good old 횡성 two days in a row. Both times were to give our recent convert a gift. Both times I didn't know his address. But both times he was in the library studying. We're all so predictable. Also the library and our recent convert are featured in the one picture I took this week worth sending. (Elder Bond took several pictures worth sending, but he was called away by the spirit to Seoul, and his email time has not happened yet. So you'll see pictures next week.)

Also it was Elder Bond's birthday! It was great. We got dinner with our recent convert (by the way our life revolves around 임윤섭 now). He's such a good man. He bought a cake. We told him not to, but he did. It was delicious, and saved us, because we ran out of eggs and couldn't make Elder Bond's American cake. 

But yeah, back to our lesson I just skimmed over in the beginning, which was really the biggest part of the week. We got lunch at a buffet, and the member (임윤섭) hit it off super well with Anderson. They have a lot of similar questions, so it was like teaching two investigators, except one had a super strong testimony and had already been baptized. Also the Koreans sing 1 Corinthians 13 as a song. So that's a fun fact to close a short email. See you later!

Best Wishes,
Elder Newton

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Week 54: Red Hot Chile Peppers

Elder Newton, Elder Bond and Elder Lee
Discover Cracker
crumble and crunch
scattered crumbs, but gathered stack
stop the problem
Shine your shoes
The proof is  =: O

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii to you all! It has been one of the hottest weeks of my life. Wonju is so hot, and I was so grateful for every moment inside. This week also flew by, but we have a couple things we can talk about, so let's go

Thing the First: 
I taught a Chilean this week. It was a sick exchange. Also my Spanish is terrible, but I can translate from Spanish to Korean, which was interesting. The man's name was Alex(some suffix that we aren't 100 percent sure of) and his son is Alexander. I have no picture, but just imagine Angel Herrera but with a beard. It's spoopy. He's living in Korea because of his wife (she teaches English) and works as an internet design person. He also is so sincere. He said he felt a special feeling at the word restoration, and if that doesn't scream prepared, I don't know what does. 
Also, I spent all week praying for the gift of tongues in this meeting, which came in handy, because at the end I was able to (in a probably incorrect way) translate Elder Lee's testimony into broken Spanish. Shoutout to Dad and the Spanish branch. 
Speaking of, I got to testify on the street a lot this week about learning the gospel in different languages, and it was nice

Thing the Second: 

I forget, and I'm low on time. So part 2 will be pics! Sorry I'm not there. Whoops

Bus ride to Gangneung (l-r Elder Lee, Elder Saguinsin, Elder Bond)

Pretty sights in Hoengseung (fun fact: There are three times as many cows as people in this county)

We went biking this morning. It was sweet

A dragon looks over his kingdom

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes,
Elder Newton