Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 50: 🎶It's Christmas in July🎶

Discover Heart 
Bump and Beat
Adult Perspective But Childlike Innocence
Stop the Problem
Paint it Blue
The Proof is Christmas

So this week things happened, but nothing this week was better than Saturday morning so here we goooooooooooooooooooooooo

So our area is huge out here in the good old GangWon Province. And there are not many people. Especially on the edge. But we had nothing to do Saturday morning, and so we went to Munmak. It's like an hour bus ride. And there are no people. Their whole market is like five tents. Or maybe it's bigger? But I only saw a few tents.

But the point is, we decide to wander and proselytize still. It's what we do. And then we stumble upon a heaven on Earth. Like as I stood there, I wondered if I would be Zioned up and translated into Heaven.

It was a coffee shop (Oh that's why we weren't translated. The dang coffee).

It was not just any coffee shop, though. It was Munmak Christmas. It was completely decked out. (See pictures.) There was even a K-Drama* filmed there. I assume for a Christmas special. Fun Fact: It was the first cafe in Munmak. That was just three years ago. Isn't that insane?

So yeah, we go in, and there's no one there but us and the owner, who is definitely one of my top 10 favorite Koreans of all time. We talked to him for like an hour and a half. All through language study, companion study, and kind of a sudden lesson. 

So yeah, the heart poem is actually all about a discussion we had about a painting he had up. His granddaughter drew it. You can kind of see it in one of the pics (It's Where's Waldo).

And yeah. It felt so Christmas, and also he sold bagels for only $3 which is mad cheap around here. So I had my first bagel in ages. 

And yeah, it felt like Christmas. I was able to talk about it again in the middle of July. The guy started the shop because he knows everyone always remembers their Christmas memories. Isn't he so pure? I want to be him. If I take anyone to Korea we're visiting him. 

And the best part is that at the end when I offered him a Book of Mormon —

By the way,  he has a wall stock full of books (including "The World Is Flat") that he has read all of. They're books from his home —

Anyway he said he'd read a little before. He studied with missionaries in the ’80s. Isn't that cool? 

And I'm out of time soon. So here's pics from not Christmas Shop.
This is the sunset under which I got the other team a new investigator while on exchanges
This is Munmak. So much rice. Later I will rant on how there are too many rice words
My language is hard. No one uses this word. But also they do. I swear to King SeJong
Best wishes,
Elder Newton

* Apparently the name of the K-drama is 여동생을 구해주세요 which Google Translate tells me is "Save Your Sister." Unfortunately I was not able to find information on this drama on IMDb. I'll keep trying.

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