Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 27: I love Pokemon Go! (And kinda am sorta OK with change maybe)

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Tousle and Bristle
Thin sticks but thick hair
Stop the Problem
Cram the Time
The proof is Slate

Heya everyone! I have exciting news!

Pokemon Go came out on Wednesday! It was amazing. It's making 전도*  like a million times more fun. I talk to so many people and it's fun and not scary at all. I really love Pokemon and learning their names in Korean. (Also at all the convenience stores there are these little Pokemon Bread things and they have stickers in them. I'm collecting them (the stickers, not the bread).  But yeah, Pokemon is great. The church is a pokestop, and sometimes we get the numbers of kids who wander into the parking lot. It's fun.

But I also have news you all might find cooler. (I don't know why, though; nothing beats Pokemon.)

I wasn't transferred! I get to stay in 녹번 † forever! But our sad news is that Elder Brown is going away to be zone leader on the edge of Seoul. It's a little sad, and also changing companions will be weird, but my new companion is really funny. I actually met him at 설날 conference. His name is 류호남 장로님 ‡ and I will tell you all about him next week. 

And yeah, what else happened?

We cleaned all day on Saturday because no one was on the streets. That was kinda fun. We spent yesterday being fed by and saying goodbye to some families Elder Brown likes. We have a new investigator! He's 20 and super cool and we met him when a youth brought him to church. He has like no religious background, but in the first lesson his friend mentioned the priesthood and he asked if he could have the priesthood too. He's so great. I love him. We're totally getting Dong Jin (his friend) to baptize him. But that's later. At the moment he just has the Book of Mormon app and a soft baptismal commitment.

And yeah, that's the news.

Best wishes,

Elder Newton
* proselytizing
† Nokbeon
 ‡ Elder Ryu Honam

Monday, January 23, 2017

Photos of week 26: war museum, birthday, hiking and more

We went to the war museum. It was real fun.

This is the Statue of Brothers. The "elder brother" represents South Korea, while the "younger" represents the North. (I'm thinking the symbolism of the design is self-evident.)

Sorry I (Mom) wasn't able to determine what kind of plane this is.

A tank of some kind

Elder Brown with their (investigator?) at the War Memorial

Birthday me being distracted from seeing …


Still hike

The reason I was late to email today

Week 26: Only 19 but in Korea I'm older

Elder Newton emailed in the late afternoon this week, when Mom was sleeping, so she wasn't able to ask any follow-up questions. Perhaps our questions about the chicken will be answered next week.

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Sweet Icing But Savory Chicken
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Go on a hike
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So yeah, I did a lot of things this week. I would like to report my birthday was good and that everything is fine here in Korea. Also I have a bunch of pictures, so we'll let those speak for the email this time around. But before that I'll add a couple nonphotographed moments.

1) At district meeting, Elder Brown had everyone give a short training on something he saw that they were doing well. I got to talk about listening (if you'll believe that's a strength), and I used sight singing. I also mentioned John Cage. But yeah, back to sight singing. Basically, if we don't listen in lessons to what our investigators need, it'll be like we have just the beginning note, and are then told to sing a whole song. You might get close, but unless you have perfect pitch, you're going to miss some notes. However, as we listen, we can find our notes better and lead people to the path of discipleship or forever. So that was a cool discovery I made as I gave training.

2) I went hiking today, and on the way back I saw a Cavalia sign. It was insane.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 25: Operation: Youth

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Call the Banana *
The proof is Glitter

By the way, if y'all want to send me mail all the way to Korea with just a piece of paper that says a noun on it, I'd think that was real funny. Also I need more Discover Poem ideas. That is all.

Well, this week we had a sick time featuring the youth. It was baller. 

But first: Pictures!

I got a haircut; it's too short
We made American dinner for a youth not pictured, but he's cool, don't worry
This is Danny. We played Jenga with him and taught him how the Book of Mormon is fun. He's an American citizen.
I figured I needed to show off my apron. Thanks, Mom. Ignore my face and short hair though
We have fun in the house. But this was a little weird. (Elder Hunsaker and Elder Brown)
So yeah, anywho, back to the youth. Basically we just tried to meet with them all the time and teach them how Alma 43 is super cool. It's war and also prophets and murder. It's a sick chapter. We even went up to 삼송 which isn't even in Seoul to give a family cookies and tell them about it. We were on the train for like an hour. 

Our one investigator is still doing good. He's a real chill guy. I love him. He just passed his driving test with a hundred and yeah. I just like him. 

Still don't know what I'm doing for my birthday,† but we'll just see what happens there. 

And yeah, I continue to be bad at these, but it's fine. One day it'll be good. We'll go for it next week,

Best wishes,

Elder Newton
* When I asked Elder Newton about the banana and glitter, he said: "Mom, Discover poems don't make sense. I mean, they really don't. I wish I could tell you why they are the way they are"
† Jan. 20 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week 24: Q&A

I like aesthetics more than pics of me
This mass email is brought to you by the questions of Cathy Newton:

What were the highlights of your week?
Exchanges happened, I had a good interview with President. Not a lot of highlight things tbh
How was the weather? 
Not as cold as normal, which was nice. Always had to wear at least a sweater though.
Are you still getting enough to eat?
Yes, all that is wrong foodwise is that eggs are mad expensive
Have you been able to go to the temple recently? 
That's next week, so not yet
How is Elder Brown? 
I'll tell you what I told President Sonksen in interviews: He's good, but just hard on himself sometimes.
Are you still in good spirits?
Have I ever not been good in spirits? I'm fine, worry not.
Feeling any better about your command of Korean?
I am slowly, but surely, being not a complete failure. This week Alex (investigator teen we talk to in English and teach Korean) said that I was doing good, I just sound a little American sometimes.
Have you been cooking lately?
Just a little, planning on more this week
Have you eaten all the peanut butter?
Nah, I am eating it sparingly, for it is precious. Also btw, President Sonksen knows an inordinate amount of stuff about  peanut butter. I love him

Discover Bark
Scrape and Scratch
Thin layer, but durable protection
Stop the Problem
Run for the Hills
The Proof is Ice

Best Wishes,
Elder Newton

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Week 23: I'm 21!

Discover Cusp
Aquarius and Capricorn
Half this, but half that
Stop the problem
Eat a year
The proof is stubborn

Well, New Year's happened. Outside of that nothing much happened this week. Being Christmasless has left the world in a sorry state. 

But yeah, I'm 21 now. Korean age is fun. Fun fact: They tried to change the aging system to the international one one time, and the people just didn't comply to it. It's pretty fun.

Yeah, I got nothing, but I do have pictures! Have fun with those, and Happy New Year!
Me and my present (There's also a video of me opening it, but I don't think I can send videos?)

We gave him candy because 이동선 is the best

It's the New Year! I know I look distressed

S/o to the Browns for the glasses though.
And yeah, have a good week, nerds,

Elder Newton