Sunday, January 14, 2018

Week 77: So it was a little chilly this week

Olympic rings on the beach
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Well we've been having a good time out here. Here's random things that happened.  

So on Tuesday we had exchanges. We had a lot of time before our nighttime appointment so we went to the Olympic Stadium to see our potential investigator. He ended up becoming an investigator so that was cool. He was showing us his bait he makes for fly fishing, and then he suddenly decided to share his thoughts on Adam and Eve and 2 Nephi. It was fun. He's really fun. 

Olympic rings and the new KTX station
And then other things happened. 

mmmmmmmmmmm It was Elder Alban's birthday yesterday. The members made him the special soup you eat on your birthday and Sister 조 brought some of her anniversary cake for him. She's great. He seemed to have a good time. 

Oh, I remember what we were talking about all week now. We actually haven't talked a lot because we're learning us some sign language. It's so fun. The deaf sister is in the hospital, so we've been visiting her. She's doing OK, but she will be recovering for a while. It's actually been really handy to learn. We were on the bus and we met a deaf couple, but I was still able to communicate. It was so fun. I think I called it a Hard Day of Hearing. But it doesn't make a lot of sense, so we made it not the subject line. 

Cute bookshelf

And yeah, zone conference also happened. Elder Gilmore slept over*, and I told him all the things he should do in 녹번 and overall we had a good time. 

Yep. Sorry we're all over the place, bye!

Best Wishes,
Elder Newton
* No photos were taken of Elder Gilmore at this time.
I just enjoyed this moment


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Week 76: So you're not going to believe this, but I used a clarinet in Missionary Work™

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Well, we did the thing. But yeah, this week has done the happening. We had a pretty fun Family Night. Then we said goodbye to Elder Pulsipher.* Then we had transfers and it's always a weird day when your companion is the same. Our house got one more person, but it's still far too big. And yeah, not much news really, but we still ramble. 

But anywhoooooo, since we're lacking on memes we'll go for short this week. So basically what happened is three things. 

1. We played clarinet in the downtown one time. Which was normal. 

2. We also went door to door with the clarinet. 

But on the way home we ran into number 

3. A man playing guitar in his store where he sells guitars and ukuleles that he makes. We were walking by and it was late. I'm pretty sure the store was technically closed, but the door wasn't locked sooooo we kinda just walked in. 

It was oddly natural. I asked what he played, I said what I played and before you know it I'm pulling out the clarinet and he's commenting on feeling the spirit of the Children's Hymnbook. It was a really good lesson really. 

As I've gone through missionary work in Korea I've noticed, and you may have too, that there's rarely been a surplus of people to work with. It's kind of a constant struggle to hold onto a handful of investigators, but it has taught me a lot. We spend a lot of time working and serving, and sometimes we end up with one person who had a small change in their life. But it is a change, and as I've seen that it's helped me see little ways I can change too. It's pretty great. 

Best Wishes,
Elder Newton
 * Elder Pulsipher has gone back to Seoul. As mentioned last week, Elder Newton and his companion, Elder Alban, are staying in Gangneung, along with the South African elder, whose name I believe is Elder DuPlessis; the old AP, Elder 이홍빈 (Yi Hong Bin); and Elder White from New York. So there are five elders in the apartment, and Elder Newton says it is still too big. By the way, the new AP is Elder Newton's childhood friend Elder Gilmore.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Week 75: Sunrise

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Happy New Year y'all! Out here we started off the New Year bright and early looking at the sun. It's a big thing out here. Try it sometime if you're out of grapes to stuff in your mouth. Luckily for us my companion didn't change this time, so we can skip over all that hassle and get to the other stuff. 

But also not much happened this week. We had a nice lesson on Wednesday? We used Christmas to lead into the Restoration. Maybe we'll talk about it someday by the fire with some hot choco.

Thursday was rushed with president interviews and then getting to Seoul. Also Facebook became a thing so that's weird. But yeah, President finally noticed that I've been here forever. He says I probably won't die here, but I think he doesn't know how down I am to move in to somewhere around here. 

Oh also we didn't ride it, but the super fast train is done now, so that's cool. The station is huge and also the church is renting space there for the Olympics as a Visitor Center thing. We're going to run it. It's so much pressure, but more on that as we get closer. The Olympics are one transfer away, but it's OK because now I can always say I served in the Olympic area during the Olympics. Weird. 

And ummmmm we had to go to Seoul and back? Nothing much happened, but we did it. Yay meetings. Sister Sonksen has the best breakfasts bt dubs. 

Ummmm, yeah. The weekend had an exchange in which I played clarinet to everyone from members in face masks to the owners of a pizza place by our house. It was fun. 

Oh well, I sent pictures this week, so we're all good now, right? Cool. Well then,  새해복 많이 받으세요~~~*

Best Wishes,
Elder Newton
* Receive many New Year's blessings. 
Bonus photos of a cool picture wall Elder Newton and his fellow missionaries ran into: 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Week 74 photo post

So we made seven boxes

And eight cookies

But then the numbers got too high so we just texted them scriptures

Also we had a sick Christmas party. If I ever get video I'll send it to you

Week 74: And So This Is Christmas

Me in Seoul with my PyeongChang scarf and greenie. Ain't it grand?
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Merry Christmas everyone! This was a great week that you've seen most of already. I went through the temple which was simply fantastic and was then put on Facebook Live. I was #2kool4skool to wave, but nonetheless I existed and caroled in the middle of the Seoul with all my heart and soul. I'm hilarious. 
Elder Lee!

I took a pic of Elder Gilmore

Elder Remmington

Also Sister Sonksen continues to be an amazing cook and by this she remains an adequate substitute mother. She's the best actually. Everyone should meet her and play in her Big Band. 

But anywho we did eventually have to go back to our lovely Gangneung. We shared the Christmas Spirit by send referrals to missionaries because all our investigators are moving or going traveling. All of them. It's rather amazing, really. But it's OK, because there are other potential investigators and it's good practice for the Olympics.

As far as Christmas Eve is concerned, besides the fam and our mini concert, I had two great experiences. The first was during the sacrament hymn. We sang O God the Eternal Father and as we sang the last verse I felt especially drawn to the last line. I'll let you see it in English:
"And veiled the Lord in flesh,
To walk upon his footstool
And be like man, almost,
In his exalted station,
And die, or all was lost."

During this Christmas time I have to admit it wasn't all sleigh bells jingling and ring ding dingling too. It was great, and I was always doing my best to Light the World, but occasionally I didn't feel like I was partaking of the Light. But as I sang this and reflected, I realized something I've been testifying of all month: When we put the Savior as the center of our worship and celebration, our Christmas and our lives have more meaning. When we remember Him, and let his atoning sacrifice work in us, we can feel the true joy that I felt as I partook of the sacramental bread our little greenie Elder Alban blessed in our little church meeting in Gangneung. 

The next I found that night while preparing to carol to a less-active member. Seeing as most of you are on Christmas Eve yourselves, it seems fitting to send to you too. Unfortunately for you I typed it in Korean and don't have time to translate. I commend you all to find a Korean.* 

형제 자매 여러분 줗은 밤 보내고 계시죠? 오늘 경전 읽다가 제3 니파이 1:13 찾아봤습니다 
"네 머리를 들고 기뻐하라, 보라, 때가 가까이 왔으니 이 밤에 표적이 주어질 것이요, 내일은 내가 세상에 와서 내가 나의 거룩한 선지자들의 입으로 말하게 한 모든 것을 이룰 것임을 세상에 보일 것임이니라.
한 2000년 전에 크리스마스 이브에 예수 그리스도께서 이런 말씀 드렸는데 오늘 날도 그 말씀 기억하는게 중요합니다 이번 성탄절 기간 곧 끝난데 우리가 계속 예수님 왜 이 세상으로 왔는지 깊이 생각하면 좋을것 같습니다 

마치도록 몬슨 회장님의 말씀 인용해볼께요

"주님께서 오셨으므로, 우리 필멸의 삶은 의미가 있습니다.
주님께서 오셨으므로, 우리는 곤경에 처했거나 괴로움을 겪는 이들에게, 그들이 어디에 있건, 손을 뻗는 방법을 압니다.
주님께서 오셨으므로, 사망이 그 쏘는 것을 잃고 무덤이 그 승리를 잃었습니다. 우리는 그분께서 오셨기 때문에 다시 살 것입니다.
주님께서 오셔서 우리 죄의 대가를 치르셨으므로 우리는 영생을 얻을 기회가 있습니다.
주님께서 오셨으므로 우리는 오늘밤 그분을 경배하기 위해 형제애와 사랑의 결속으로 모였습니다.
소중한 주님의 영이 우리와 함께하시고, 그분이 우리가 축하하는 모든 것과 우리의 삶의 중심에 계시기를 그분의 거룩한 이름으로 간구합니다. 아멘."

메리 크리스마스!🎄🎅

Merry Christmas to you all, and to all a good night!

Best Wishes,
Elder Newton
* Or Google Translate.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Week 73: Music Practice and Doorstep Performances

So we found a stage at the college

It has weird pointy thing
Also aesthetic study spots are a thing

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I would like to warn all you prospective missionaries out there that you will perform music a lot more than you expect on your mission. The members just always want it. So we've been practicing as much as we can between exchanges and appointments all over the district. We're a mess, but our pieces are coming together nicely. We'll make sure to video our Christmas party performance. 

Also on Friday our boiler broke, so on Saturday we got to go to the public bath in the morning. It was pretty great. We met one guy who had come out here from Gangnam to stargaze. He was studying aerospace engineering, a word I will always be grateful to know. Shout-out to Elder Brown. 

And ummmmm oh yeah, so at night it's cold, and a bunch of our appointments fell through this week so we spent a few nights caroling with the clarinet. It's amazing how many people aren't into it, but it's OK, because there's always one or two people who let us in. My favorite was this little family we played for on our first night. We were a little surprised when they let us in to be honest, and putting the clarinet together takes a minute, so we played the Christmas videos we have on our phone. The little girl, she must have been 4 or so, just loved it. We gave them the link to find the other Light the World things and she just held the card and was like, "I wanna see!" and it was adorable. 

And that's about it from Gangneung. We're gearing up to go to Seoul right after this so we'll catch you up on the temple and such next time around. Merry Christmas!

Best Wishes,
Elder Newton
So we're doing fun things for a member who lives right by the church

Monday, December 11, 2017

Week 72: 'Last Jedi' Comes Out in Five Days and I'm Stuck in Korea?


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So this week has been fun. The world is being lighted one pie at a time. We baked some for our neighbors which was really fun. Then we wrapped a bunch of copies of The Book of Mormon to give to people yesterday. It was fun. I think I have a few pics

Our Book of Mormon activity
Elder Alban has been doing great. He's learning Korean so fast, and finding his voice as we teach and practice teaching. 

But yeah, Thursday was crazy. So we begin by meeting our investigator at the college. He's a 72-year-old studying philosophy, and we were just expecting him, but lo and behold he's brought a friend who's a very young woman. She had a picture of the Salt Lake Temple on her phone and everything. It was a rather surprising referral, and they were certainly a fun pair to teach. He kept on talking about really random stuff, and she was always trying to pull him back on track for the lesson. But yeah, little miracles. 

Our sandwiches, cut diagonally because of the Pythagorean theorem

After that lesson we taught our English class by making sandwiches. It was a good way to combine lunch into it, and at the end we got Astronaut Ice Cream from Maryland, which is my new aesthetic. 

And also because that day was kids day, we met up with the other Elders and gave balloon animals to the children who were getting out of school. They had a lot of fun with it. 

And I got Cheese 호떡 which was ₩2000 but so worth it
We had a pretty expensive lunch on Saturday, but it was totally worth it. We met a guy the other week and he knew missionaries from before, so he invited us to the grand opening of his restaurant.
Our Banana Bay restaurant from the outside
It's right near one of the famous beaches and it was really Christmas-y. I forgot to take pictures inside, but it's chill. The point is, he was really nice, gave us some free appetizers, and liked the note we gave him inviting him to church on Christmas. 

Sunday was also pretty great on account of our aforementioned Christmas activity and also there was a training meeting for the district at the church. This was already great because we were going to get a really good meal afterward, but the best part was that since it was a district activity Old Branch President Kim and Current President Jung came out. They even brought their kids, who, let me tell you, are just crazy.
Members on the ground
Also, I have realized I know a decent portion of the members out here. I think I've mentioned this before, but I'm basically a member of the Gangneung District. It's a great place to be, and I think I'd be perfectly OK dying out here and only going to Seoul for our temple trip next week.
Oh yeah! By the way, I've pretty consistently been calling Brother Kim since I came out here, and as I told him about our Christmas plans I mentioned we were in search of a clarinet. Well, since he was coming out here anyway, he offered his clarinet to lend again, and since we were having a hard time finding instrument stores, we took the offer. So now we have Brother Kim's clarinet in Gangneung. He seems happy because now no one will make him play for the Wonju Christmas things. He's so funny. And yeah, all the members saw him give it to me, so they made me take it out right away and play carols. They also said I have a lot of pressure for the Christmas party. So yeah. 

I'm back as a music missionary and it's Christmas. I guess we'll update you on our antics next week

Best Wishes,
Elder Newton