Sunday, July 15, 2018

Week 104: So I Got a Korean Name

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Discover Delay
Postpone and Put off
Inconvenience but Desired Result
Stop the Problem
Make the List
The proof is Haywire

So yeah, this was a week. We went to Donghae for P-day. We played ping-pong and Settlers of Catan with the branch president out there. He made the entire board by himself. For Catan. That was intense. 

Also I'm low on time, but this week was full of miracles. 

First: As the subject says, I got a Korean name. I still need a last name, but I asked our Young Man to hook me up. I thought he might forget, but on Sunday when we were getting the sacrament ready he was all like.

"Hey, I was thinking about your name" 

Sorry if the quotation marks are inappropriate. He actually said this in Korean

So anyway, he goes on, "It's ShinJae. The Shin means new and the Jae means turn"

It's actually pretty legit, but my favorite is the reason he made it. It's because New Turn sounds like Newton. He's amazing. I love the kid. 

The other miracle to talk about is Claire. She's the best. Here's the crackdown.

So on Monday we rode the train back, and we actually ended up arriving a few minutes after 6 (whoops) but that's OK. We went to some apartments we'd never really noticed behind the train station to tract for the night with some of our Prepared Book of Mormons. 

But no one really answers

Which is normal, but yaknow how it gets with spaghetti.

Anyway, near the end we knock on this one door, and Claire answers. She's in her 30s or something. Anyway, she was in the middle of eating dinner, but she had had an English teacher from Utah, and had actually always wanted to read the Book of Mormon. So we gave her one with a pamphlet to also explain and invited her to English class the next day. 

So this was good, but we didn't ask her name and she didn't want to give us her number. Whoops. So we just prayed really hard. And IT WORKED. She came to English class, and she was actually the only one who came. So it was a lesson. She is so great. Lots of questions and is really open. Good person. She also bought us bread. 

Anyway, she still doesn't want to give us her number, but we do figure out her name, so we just invite her to the next English class. 

And literally the exact same thing happens. Except she didn't have time for bread. So now we're going to have pizza together tonight. But she had looked up the church online, and she liked most of it, and we helped clear up the weird stuff she found. She liked our interpretation of the gift of tongues. But yeah, that's the story of how we started teaching someone and helping them progress within a week. I never thought I'd see that happen. It's a darn happy time out in Taebaek. I wish I could convey all of the miracles. But. I gotta go. I love you all!

Best Wishes, 

Elder Newton

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