Sunday, July 22, 2018

Week 105: The Penultimate Peril

A well-documented sunset

Everything was such a nice hue

Discover Meal
Set and serve
Consistent Goal but Imperfect Execution
Stop the Problem
Open a Book
The Proof is Penultimate

Our expensive dinner on Friday
Well. We had a lot of meal appointments this week. We missed Saturday, but that's OK. 6/7 isn't too bad. Plus on some days there were multiple free meals. That was good. It was a good week. 

We're doing a musical number for my last week, so we practiced that a lot. That was fun. 

Ummmmmmmm we had exchanges with Elder Pulsipher (the blond never-been-my-companion one). He was a greenie here, and he really seemed to enjoy it. He still remembered a lot, and we managed to get him to see 60% of the branch while he was here and also visit some investigator. That was a good visit. I'll miss the man. He's 75 and has a little house in the Taebaek countryside to do art in and listen to music. I gave him a couple of my MoTab CDs, and I think he really appreciated it. 

I had another long talk on Sunday, and I have another one next week, but what else is new. It was about gratitude. I somehow tied it into Amanda Barnes Smith. That was fun. I hope I can give talks in English one day. It sounds so hard. Also, speaking of gratitude, I'm currently in the middle of my crazy project to write thank-you notes to every member I remember after two years of missionary work. It's really hard, but it's made me really grateful for a lot of little things. I'd recommend writing one or two thank-you letters to someone this week. 

There were of course other things, like we went to another cave. But we'll have to show the pictures another time. Whoops. Have a good week!

Best Wishes,
Elder Newton
More fun stickers. This is my dream couple now

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