Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 31: Elder Holland I guess is the big news?

First off: Pics!
Proof I saw Cavalia in Korea. It's everywhere.

This was Elder Newton's group from the Missionary Training Center (remember that from last summer?). They aren't all in the same mission in Korea, but they gathered for a special conference in Seoul this past week. From left, Elders Babbitt, Pulsipher, Coon, Morgan, Giauque and Newton; Sisters Phocharoen, Cañete, Legaspi and Stringham.
The District! I love them all so much, they're so pure. And like this was before Holland, so I'll talk about him here just because I want to. He was really cool, really passionate, and really funny. Also, man, is he good with words. I liked him a lot, and he shared a lot of kinda personal stuff I probably shouldn't email about? But our conference was good, and we all shook his hand. I liked it a lot. And, yeah.

Also, yes, I am on the same peninsula as Elder Gilmore (a friend from middle school). It cool

Streetboarding = not the same as skateboarding
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Han! He's the less-active member (maybe ex-less active now? I don't know tbh) whose computer I used at Christmas. We did streetboarding* last night and he tagged along. Basically after the Elder Holland broadcast stake conference he left church with mission papers in hand. I really don't believe this kid. 

And there isn't a whole lot else.

Except a discover poem!

Discover Holly
Swish and Flick
One phoenix but two feathers
Stop the Problem
All was well
The proof is 11 inches

Best wishes,
Elder Newton
* Elder Newton explains: "It's like you have an interactive board thing to get people to talk to you."

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week 30: Q&A #2 because Mom has questions

Elder Newton's mother asked about the cat and he said, "It was up in 삼송  and I love her."

Han Lee schools everyone in Jenga.
Tell me more about Elder Ryu. What are his strengths?
He is good at almost but not quite napping during studies. … JK. He's great, he's really good at Korean and also Jenga. Man, do I have some videos to show y'all in two years. Let me just say, Family Home Evening was lit.

What do you feel are your strengths?
In which my mother conducts virtual companionship inventory. I know my weakness is letter writing (I'm so sorry btw). Ummmmmmmm I think I'm good at writing reviews. Like, my area book is so dang good. I should photocopy it tbh.

What is something he did that made you laugh, and vice versa?
He is just really funny? And I'm really funny? Yesterday he asked me if I knew what 인성 was, and I didn't, so he pulled out the phone, and showed me the definition as he said, "You have trash 인성 ." I'll let y'all look it up, it's pretty funny.

What is something you like about President Sonksen and Sister Sonksen?
They have really nice trainings, like the one we had this week. It was on Valentine's Day and I got a package! And also we saw the 1997 Faith in Every Footstep video. That was fun. Oh! President Sonksen knows so much about peanut butter, it's amazing.

How are your feet? Are you staying warm?
Yes, Mother, they are fine. They help me walk very well. Also I am warm, it's a good time.

What is your favorite meal that members have served you? Are there food trucks or carts in your area? Are you remembering to eat dinner? Do you still have spaghetti every Friday?
One time a sister made me vegetarian Kimchi Chigae (a translation I am sure is wrong) and I loved it so very much. There are no trucks, there are occasionally snack carts, but not a lot. And, yes, I remember to eat dinner. Spaghetti Friday was discontinued due to the First Presidency,* but I still eat spaghetti.

Do you ever get to spend time in Primary helping with sharing time? Have you been asked to speak in sacrament meeting?
I have never been to Primary, and it saddens me to no end.  I have only spoken in sacrament meeting once, when I first came, to bear my testimony. This makes me happy to no end. 

And yeah, we'll close with a Discover Poem and be good.

Discover Jenga
Twinge and Topple
One Block but Sturdy Base
Stop the problem
Feed my sheep
The proof is Etiquette

Best wishes, 
Elder Newton 

* The missionaries get only 30 minutes for lunch now.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week 29: In Which Elder Newton sets out to write a Missionary Life Update, but just reviews a poem instead

Discover Inertia
Pull and Push
Short ignition but continuous movement
Stop the Problem
Conduct the Orchestra
The proof is work

The following is the Poet's analysis of his own work; it should be noted, however, that Discover Poems are made to be a little meaningless, and any analysis probably gives the poem more meaning than it has on its own. This is really just what went through my mind as I wrote this.

This particular piece began its inception in the final talk of our Seoul Stake Conference. President 박성식 was giving a talk and I was understanding about 50% of it. (I swear, the day I understand what goes on in church will be the day I feel confident in Korean.) I just knew he was talking about happiness a lot, when out of nowhere he mentioned Newton. This caught my attention, and I got up to about 60% or 70% understanding as he explained to the congregation the law of inertia. He then went on to talk about how we should all continue in happiness, but that's not relevant to the poem. All that matters, is that I had my first line.

"Pull and Push" came easily enough. Inertia is a law which requires outward movement, and "pull and push" already alliterate, so we good. 

Short ignition but continuous movement

For this line I went back to my roots in Discover Imlk, and went for some wackier words. "Ignition" isn't really related, but it is a starting of action. Then I tied it back to 박성식 회장님 and went for the continuous movement. It's one of my weaker contrasts, I'll admit, but it gets the job done. 

"Stop the Problem" and "How" are always there, and for that reason, they appear in this work.

The action following is always meant to be completely unrelated from the beginning. Sometimes I see the first three lines and the last three lines as completely different poems, joined in the middle by lines 4 and 5. Thus we see that I just waited a while for the end of the meeting, and as I watched our ex-opera singer conductor (I forget his name) lead the choir, the line came to me.

"The proof is work" was actually pretty fun. I just meant it to be maybe missionary work, or the work of putting up chairs, but it fit in with the physics theme nicely and so I kept it. 

Finally, the last line is always the noun from the beginning. When performed aloud, generally this line should be whispered. However, when desired, any dynamic is acceptable. 

And yeah, that's about it. We met with Sherlock* again. He's so great. We asked him to read like one chapter of the Book of Mormon last week, and by the time we saw him next he'd finished 2 Nephi. He had a lot of questions, so we just spent the lesson talking about those. It was fun. 

And, yeah, there weren't any real noteworthy pictures this week. Sorry, y'all. Maybe next time?

Best Wishes, Elder Newton
* a pseudonym

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Discover Change
Grapple and Grasp
Smooth Sides but a ridged edge
Stop the Problem
Barge into the ceremony
The Proof is QED

HA, I'm so funny. It's the money change, not just change change. Laugh at me.

Anyway, I am bad at time management (as the subject line says).

News: We picked up a new investigator from English class. He's nice, and has now been to church twice. Teaching with a Korean is fun, but I definitely teach slower than him, but like he doesn't judge me for it, and that's nice.

I went to a funeral and it was really nice. I'll write a letter and have Mom post it on the blog thing. I hear that's around. 

New companion is cool and weird.* And, yeh. Have some pictures bc I have nothing else at the moment
Elder Brown's last moments of having to deal with me as a companion
Poor Elder Ryu. He doesn't know what's coming. (Hint: It's me, and being shown around an area by a missionary without a sense of direction)
He has really different hair in the mornings
Sister Ouzounian owed him a Megamac so she got one delivered to the church. He was very happy.
And yeah, that's the mass email. Hope you had fun!

Elder Newton
* Yeah, he's pretty cool weird. Not too weird weird.