Sunday, July 16, 2017

Week 51: In which Elder Newton was assigned to Pocatello

My Korean father is the best. It's great not moving
Discover Script
Click and Clack
One line but 12 rewrites
Stop the Problem
Set the lights
The proof is harvest

So this week was Music Night. And that's about all I worked on. I wrote a script for it, and we made stage directions, and I had to learn how to relate a story involving a blown-away hip in Korean. It was intense, and also took up literally all the time. Except Thursday. We went to the Han River on Thursday. But it was far, and then that afternoon we did more music prep. 

Also I learned this week that Kangwondo (why does Korean look this way in English I swear) is the Idaho of Korea. It's big, there's not a lot of people, and the rest of the country makes potato jokes about it. But the potatoes are good. Like all McDonald's in Korea use our potatoes. Also for snacks after church on Sunday we had potatoes. It was amazing. 

Also we made banana bread for Music Night.

Music Night was so good though, you don't understand. It was also so much stress. Things are good now that it is not a thing we have to plan. 

So it was all about pioneers and the history of the church, because it's July and whatnot. I think I'll just send the script we made. It explains things better. But you'll have to wait until next week, because I did not download it. 

But the best part by far was member involvement. Like Old Branch President Kim played some clarinet duet, and also told us the pulpit in the chapel could become a stage. My mind was blown. Then we had a sister in the branch who played harmonica. And she was mad good. But even better than that, was because she played, she was able to invite her less-active family and her nonmember husband. And they had a great time. They also brought her nephew or some sort of relation, and he was the cutest thing of my life. 

Oh yeah, and then transfer calls came, and I wasn't transferred. So that was a good day. 

Then on Sunday we had the Mongolian member come. He's nice. Translating is still hard. But the member who just moved to America and then came back for a few months gave a talk that was pretty understandable. So that was nice.

Best Wishes,
Elder Newton

Elder Lee is good at district meetings and English, we promise

That's another mission. We had a picnic here. We kind of had to. The town out here is so small it didn't even have a convenience store that could charge my transportation card. But it did have a post office

Munmak is pretty

Look we're so happy

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